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About MCAC


The Middle Commercial Arbitration Center (MCAC) was established under License No. 34/BTP-GP dated July 1, 2021 of the Minister of Justice and Decision No. 1085/QD-BTP date July 1, 2021 of the Minister of Justice on the grant of license for establishment of The Middle Commercial Arbitration Center. The Department of Justice of Da Nang City issued the Certificate of Operation Registration No. 01/TP/DKHD-TT dated July 21, 2021 to MCAC.

MCAC has the function of organizing and coordinating dispute resolution activities by Institutional Arbitration and assisting the Arbitrators in relation to administrative, office matters, and other assistance in the process of resolving the case according to the arbitration proceedings. In addition to the process of resolving disputes by Arbitration, MCAC also has the function of resolving disputes by commercial mediation in accordance with Vietnamese law. 

MCAC is headquartered in Da Nang - the worth-living city in Vietnam, the capital and economic center of the Central and Central Highlands. This is an area that is witnessing great economic development and innovation in Vietnam, a destination for many domestic and foreign investors thanks to its geographical, resource, and human advantages.

MCAC has a team of Arbitrators and Mediators who are professors, doctors, law lecturers, lawyers, managers, and experts in most economic fields. They have high professional qualifications, experience, prestige and always appreciate the sense of responsibility in handling work. 

Consistent with the trend of the era and the practical benefits of resolving commercial business disputes by Arbitration, Mediation, MCAC wishes together with other Commercial Arbitration Centers of Vietnam’s efforts to promote Commercial Arbitration and Mediation activities in Vietnam to be more professional and effective. 

MCAC's goal is to become one of the first choices of domestic and foreign enterprises to resolve commercial business disputes arising in the Central – Central Highlands in particular and Vietnam in general.


115 Nguyen Van Linh, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City



(+84) 935 925 068

Working hour

Monday – Friday/8AM – 5PM



MCAC's mission is to provide a method of resolving commercial business disputes by Arbitration, Mediation quickly and efficiently.

  • MCAC provides quickly and promptly the need to resolve commercial business disputes for domestic and foreign investors at reasonable costs.

  • MCAC always seeks and improves the operating process to resolve business disputes in the best way, creating real added value based on the correct application and flexibility of the provisions of law.

In addition, MCAC is committed to actively contributing to the process of improving the quality and perfecting the Vietnamese legal system related to the settlement of commercial business disputes by Arbitration and Mediation.

Core Values

Sense of Responsibility: MCAC's Arbitrations and Mediations always place the highest priority on the legitimate rights and interests of the parties in resolving commercial business disputes. A sense of responsibility requires deep expertise, care, professionalism, and key values of professional ethics.

Timely: MCAC's Arbitrations and Mediations always believe that time is one of the most important factors for the enterprise. Therefore, MCAC always appreciates the quickness and timeliness in the exchanges as well as in the progress of resolving disputes.

Flexible and effective solution: The steps of arbitration and commercial mediation at MCAC are conducted flexibly, transparently based on practice and legal provisions, bringing the highest dispute resolution efficiency to the parties.


Nguyen Vinh Phu

Nguyen Vinh Phu

Deputy Chairman of MCAC
Cao Van Thi

Cao Van Thi

Deputy Chairman of MCAC
Kieu Anh Vu

Kieu Anh Vu

Deputy Chairman of MCAC Chairman of the Advisory Board
Le Cao

Le Cao

Deputy Chairman of MCAC